Sunday, January 12, 2020

My first book is on Amazon

Jack Hanover had a good life, a wife he loved, a job he loved almost as much – and one very big secret.

His wife was going away on a weekend shopping trip and Jack would use this opportunity to once again fulfill his fantasy. But what happens if your wife has finally discovered your secret?

Sometimes when you least expect it, your secret is revealed. That was the case with Jack Hanover the day when his exposed secret led to:

Stick her Shock

Watch for Stick her Shock 2
Coming in February


  1. I read the preview pages on Amazon, and LOVED them, so I was going purchase your book. I tried to download their free app so I could order your book and download it to my laptop.....
    and, the app wouldn't download. =(
    I'll gladly buy the book if I can get the app to work. ♡♡

  2. I think I'm all caught up, and waiting for the final chapters(?), Dawn