Sunday, April 1, 2018

Another bright idea from a dim bulb


  1. Hey Dawn I got another request, actually I have a couple, but I will just tell you one for now. There's a high school bully named shawntell (age 19) who thinks shes gods gift to men, well one day a new student moves into town and signs up for cheerleading. Shawntell doesn't like this, so she waits for Kate in the locker room to bully her, which she does, that's when Kate turns Shawntell into a sexdoll, Kate then gives the look a like shawntell sex doll to a virgin horn ball (who shawntell hates by the way) she's also written out of history.
    Please let me know what you think and also I don't know if there's a max on request, again please let me know

  2. I don't do female transitions. Just not the nature of the beast. I try not to do too many of one type of transformation. Inanimate transformations are fun on occasion but not too often.